Turtle Island

Turtle Island, as known as Green Cay, is a small inhabited cay adjacent to Rose Island. This pristine turtle sanctuary is a splendid spot to snorkeling and swimming with this gentle amniotes. 


Located just 4 miles northeast of Paradise Island and 8 miles from downtown Nassau. It is easily assessable by a short 20 mins boat ride.


The seagrass growing in the shallow water provides great food source for these turtles and reef fish. The oxygen generated by these seagrass in the ocean keeps the marine life in Turtle Island thriving. 

You may spot conch, sand dollar, barracuda, spotted eagle ray and nurse sharks occasionally. 

Rose Island

Rose Island, is the best pristine beach nearest to Nassau. The First Beach of this11 mile long island is only 3 miles northeast of Paradise Island and 7 miles from downtown Nassau.


The crystal clean turquoise water paired with active shoals of fish and beautiful coral reef system parallel of its shore, makes it a perfect snorkeling spot. The stunning Caribbean skyline coupled with soft fine sand make Rose Island the idea paradise escape from the hectic city life. 


20 years ago, you could barely see a house in sight. Over time, a few beach bars and inns have popped up. Today, Rose Island offers great real estate opportunity for you to purchase a slice of Paradise to build your dream vacation home!

Gilligan Island 

Gilligan Island, also known as the Honeymoon Island, is located just 3 miles northeast of Paradise Island and 7 miles from downtown Nassau. A short 15 mins boat ride takes you to this Pristine white sandy beach with palm trees sway in balmy tropical breezes. The ruins of 3 rustic cottages and picnic tables add to the ambiance of this idyllic island. 

It was the backdrop of the Famous American TV show "Gilligan Island", a comic adventures of seven castaways as they attempted to survive on an island on which they had been shipwrecked. 

The music video "Stuck With You" by Huey Lewis and The News, from the album Fore was filmed here as well. Honeymoon Island has been used by countless fashion photography shoots and videos because its natural beauty qualifies it as the ideal Caribbean island.

Athol Island

Athol Island, directly adjacent to New Providence Island is 1 miles east of Paradise Island. The Bahamian government used to sent the diseased to this deserted island to recover or befall. 


In September 1929, a hurricane hovered over the Bahamas causing havoc. A 212 foot steel hulled steamship wrecked off the north coast of Paradise Island near Atlantis. To avoid causing problems to other ships, this ship was blown up with dynamite and it's pieces strewn across the ocean floor. The Mahoney shipwreck is now a popular snorkeling and diving spot.


At 15 feet of water, this shallow shipwreck benefits from abundant sunlight giving birth to splendid coral garden in rainbow hues of yellow, red, purple and green. With rich coral comes shoals of tropical fish, barracuda, lionfish, sea urchins and Bahamian spiny lobster.

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